Enjoy all the benefits of networking without having to give up your time

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Why Do You Need BuddySubby?

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of networking without having to give up your time when you’re too busy working in your business?

Are you a company that can’t afford the human resources to network but would love to access all the benefits of networking, connecting with other experts and how they can help you, forming great collaborations and helping to market and grow your business?

Perhaps you are interested in networking for your business but you aren’t comfortable with the idea of speaking to a group, it gives you anxiety and you just wish someone else could represent your company?

Maybe you are a trade and there never seems to be time to network but you know you need to get involved as a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Or did your company join a networking group but could never spare the staff to attend because something urgent always seemed to come along so you really weren’t able to make the most of your membership?

BuddySubby can help!

We provide a professional sub (substitute networker) who will liaise with your company a day or so before the meeting so that they are just like a trusted employee representing your company at every meeting.

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They will engage with other group members to make amazing connections to benefit your company.  

Your sub will look out for referrals and encourage members to use and recommend your service, demonstrating how efficient you are and showcasing your work.

You pay a fixed fee for the year which covers your whole year’s membership and attendance at a group that works for you (online or face to face).  The fee will also cover fees to the sub who will be representing you.